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“Developing local talent and promoting basketball in Howard County and the surrounding area, through camps, clinics and summer AAU teams.

2015 AAU Tryouts

Boys 11th  (17-U)   Coach Bill Nap

Contact Coach Bill Nap at HCElitebasketball@gmail.com
Tryouts:   Contact Coach Bill Nap for tryout information.
Click here for 2015 Summer AAU schedule

Boys 11th – B (17-U)   Coach Michael Hightower
Contact Coach Hightower at mchtower@comcast.net
Tryouts:  Contact Coach Hightower at email address above for tryout info.

Boys 10th(16U) – Coach Chris Tringali
Contact Coach Tringali at cjtringali@comcast.net or 410-404-0300
Tryouts: Contact Coach Tringali at the email address or cell number above for tryout info.
2015 AAU Schedule

Boys 9th (15U) – Coach Corey Eudell
Contact:  Coach Corey coachcorey24@yahoo.com or 407-624-8821

Tryouts:  Contact Coach Corey at email address above or text 407-624-8821
Contact Coach Eudell at coachcorey24@yahoo.com  for info on tryouts.

2015 AAU Tournament Schedule.

Boys 8th (14U) – Coach Chad Hollwedel
Note:  The two 14U (8th grade) Teams are separate teams, NOT an A and B Team.
Contact Coach Hollwedel chadhollwedel@gmail.com
Tryouts:  Contact Coach Hollwedel at the email address above about tryouts.
Click here 2014 AAU Tournament Schedule.

Boys 8th (14U) – Coach Bill Phillips
Note:  The two 14U (8th grade) Teams are separate teams, NOT an A and B Team.
Contact: Coach Phillips billterp00@yahoo.com 

Tryouts: Contact Coach Phillips at email address above about tryouts or other info regarding the team.
2015 AAU Schedule.

Boys 7th (13U) – Coach Steve Michelotti
Contact: Coach Michelotti – steve.michelotti@gmail.com

Phone: 443-812-0919
2015 AAU Schedule 

Boys 6th (12U) – Coach Bill Nap.
HC Elite 6th Grade Team page.
Contact Coach Nap – billnap2844@yahoo.com
Tryouts:  Tryouts are being held on an individual basis.  Contact Coach Nap at email address above for a tryout
Click Here for 5th Grade HC Elite 2015 AAU Schedule

Boys 3rd (9U) – Coach Dave Crabtree
Contact Coach Crabtree – DavidLCrabtree@gmail.com
2015 AAU Schedule for 2nd Grade HC Elite


“Playing with the Elite was a great experience and Coach Nap helped me take my game to the next level. He put me through hard workouts every practice and always stayed on me to improve.”

- Greg Whittington – Washington DC Player of the Year, 2010-11, All Met Forward, Oakland Mills HS, D-1 scholarship to Georgetown University.

– Transfer to Rutgers University, January, 2014.


“Great camp! My son has attended many basketball camps over the years, and I can’t ever remember him being as enthusiastic as he was for this one. He came home every night tired, with a smile on his face, and excited to go again the next day. “Coach Bill worked us hard, but made it fun at the same time. He really helped me take my game to the next level”.

- Bob Sandler, Parent,  Son attended Advanced Skills Camp 2011

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What’s Happening…

HC Elite’s Varun Ram makes University of Maryland Basketball Team

Former HC Elite standout player and camp counselor Varun Ram transferred to University of MD this past summer after spending his Freshman year at Trinity College in CT. A 4.0 student, Ram was attracted to U MD’s nationally ranked Science and Technology programs. Although the 5’10” Ram started as a Freshman on the D3 Trinity basketball team, he knew it would be tough to even get a tryout with the Terps. After a long wait and not knowing if he’d even get a chance to try out for the team, the former All Met, point guard was told he would get a two week tryout. Yet after just a couple of practices, he was told he had made the team. “I couldn’t be happier” said Ram while celebrating with a small group of close friends and family right after getting the good news about his selection to the team. Word started spreading in the local basketball community that Ram had made the team as a walk on. Ram is well known among fellow Howard County players as a basketball junkie; a guy who is always in the gym working on his game. The most common response from players when hearing that Ram made the team? “I’m not surprised. That’s the hardest working player I have ever seen.”

Varun Ram Mention in Terrapin Blog – Washington Post

8th Grade Elite Captures 9th grade Mid-West Championship

8th Grade Elite Team Wins 9th Grade East Coast Regional

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