Shooting – Scoring Clinic 2


HC Elite Shooting and Scoring Clinic
2nd Session
When: June 23rd(Sunday), 25th(Tuesday), 27th(Thursday) 5:30pm- 8:00pm
Where:    Meadowbrook Athletic Complex
Driving Directions 
Ages:    Boys Grades 4th-9th
Cost: $80
Details: Learn what it takes to excel as a scorer!  This camp targets critical components of good shooting mechanics, then takes the traditional shooting clinic to the next level…. How to score!  There are lots of shooting camps that demonstrate how to shoot.  Unfortunately, these camps do not take the defense into account in their instruction.  The result is often a player with a good shot, who can’t score over a defender or can’t score in a high level game under pressure.  This clinic covers basic shooting mechanic but focuses on how to become a scorer.  Players are taught how to develop an offensive game that mixes the right combination of scoring moves and counter moves; outside shots and drives.  Keys topics include: What is a good shot; How to create your own shot; Shooting off the dribble; Developing a mix of drives, mid-range and long-range shots; Scoring going to your off hand; and How to practice being a scorer.   Players will be shown what top players do to work on their individual offensive game.