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What PLAYERS are saying….
I played for Coach Nap for 6 years. One of the things I liked best about Coach Nap was the way he always pushed us to play as hard as we could; Not just on offense; not just when we had the ball, not just when we were already involved in the play, but ALL OF THE TIME…. away from the ball; on defense; on the press; rebounding. It’s actually something I had to learn to do. It was Coach Nap’s number one most important lesson to me. If you play your hardest; give the game your best effort all the time, then you can be so much more successful than you thought. Also, Coach Nap was great at identifying the things each player needed to work on and then designing individual strategies and drills to improve on those things.
Joe Kiely РAll Met Point Guard, Oakland Mills HS, 2010-11,  Sheridan College 2012-13.
Playing with the Elite was a great experience and Coach Nap helped me take my game to the next level. He put me through hard workouts every practice and always stayed on me to improve.
Greg Whittington – Washington DC Player of the Year, 2010-11, All Met Forward, Oakland Mills HS, D-1 scholarship to Georgetown University
Coach Nap made me a smarter player all around and helped me excel on and off the court. His coaching has by far helped me improve my game the most out of any coach I’ve ever had and has helped me to be able to play college ball.
Nick Doolin – 4 year varsity starter, 3 time All Conference, Marriotts Ridge HS and Randelstown HS
I had lots of coaches growing up, but Coach Nap was my primary mentor. As a kid I loved basketball but I was not skilled nor knowledgeable about the game. Coach Nap shared his passion and knowledge of the game with me and as a result, my game flourished. He made a huge impact on my game starting the very first time we worked together. He showed me in precise detail the exact skills I needed for success at the HS level and beyond. Then he taught me how to work on my game on my own. By focusing on the skills and drills that Coach Nap stressed, I was able to accelerate the development of my game past my peers.
Varun Ram РPoint Guard, U MD, 2012-13.  All Met point guard, River Hill HS, 2010.
Coach Nap is the best coach I have ever had in my entire sports career. Besides the fact that he has helped me develop into the successful basketball player I am today, his guidance and coaching off the court has shaped me into the better person I am today.
Kevin Yu – Guard, Marriotts Ridge HS, 2009-11.
Coach Nap has had more of an impact on me than anyone else throughout my entire basketball career. I came to him as a timid player who lacked confidence. He showed me the right work ethic. He showed me how to speed up my moves. He taught me the true meaning of intensity. As a result, he shaped my game to play at a very high level. I give him the bulk of the credit for my successful high school basketball years at Mount Saint Joe HS.
Dan Nardolillo – starting forward, Mt St Joe HS, 2009-11.
Coach Nap is a basketball guru who knows more about the sport then anyone I have ever met. He is fundamentally brilliant. He is the best teacher I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He knows how to break down any move or shot, to explain it step by step and with great clarity. He can give any player the raw materials for what it means to be a great player. The drills and techniques that he taught me as a kid were the most challenging but yet the most effective in making me the player I am today. I still use drills he taught me as a kid when I train for my college season. What he knows about the game of basketball is gold and i can only count myself lucky to have known him in a basketball atmosphere, because honestly I’m 5’6” 160lb and a shooting guard, but I am getting 20 plus minutes a night on a NCAA college basketball team. Without Coach Nap as my teacher I can guarantee that I wouldn’t of even made my high school basketball. He will make you the player you could only dream of being.
Salvy Schittino – All Conference Shooting Guard Loyola Blakefield HS, Washington College, 2009-12.
Coach Nap helped me develop a consistent outside shot and he taught me how to always think and improve my decision making on the court. If it wasn’t for Coach Nap I wouldn’t be half the player I am today
Jordan Knisley – All County forward, River Hill HS, 2008-11.
Working with Coach Nap helped me develop as a basketball player and had positive long-term effects on my ability to be successful at the next level. Coach Nap was always pushing me to play faster, to make quicker decisions. The intensity he demanded and the experience of playing and thinking at a fast pace enabled me to adapt to the HS game, then the college game more easily.
Sam Permutt – Atholton HS forward, All County. Haveford College, 2 time All Conference, 2009-2011, Professional Basketball Player 2011-12.
Coach Bill always made us better, both as individuals and as a team. He taught me to have more confidence in my shot.
Shane Kellaher – All Met, Two time All-County guard, Glenelg HS.
Working with Coach Bill for the past 4 years has been key to my success. He has shown me the skills that are the most important to get to the next level.
Ryan McTavish – All Met Forward, South Carroll HS, 2007-11. Div 1 scholarship to Presbyterian University.
Coach Nap focused on developing me into an all around great player. He turned me into a scorer, helped me master my ball handling skills, and made me a much smarter basketball player on both offense and defense.
Ryan Skarbek – starting point guard Howard HS, 2010-11.
Coach Nap helped me develop a wide ranging set of skills so I was able to play any position on the court in HS. This helped me get more playing time and be a valued member of my team.
Robbie Mullinix – starting Guard/Forward, Glenelg HS, 2009-11.
Coach Nap knows the game and has the ability to demonstrate exactly how to perform each skill to his players.
Michael Stefan – starting guard, Centennial HS, 2009-2011.
I played for Bill Napolitano on the very first team he coached. He was 17 years old and just out of high school. I was one of a bunch of neighborhood kids in 8th grade hoping to play high school ball. Bill had the vision to teach us what was required to play at the next level. From that team, most of us played HS ball, including four of us who went on to play in college. His guidance and teachings helped me achieve First Team All County (Prince Georges County) and a full four year basketball scholarship.
Dick Winter – Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas.
Coach Nap saw the potential in me as a 6th grader. He took my raw ability and turned me into a very skilled player. I then moved out of the area but luckily got the opportunity to play for Coach Nap again during the AAU season before my senior year. Once again he elevated my game more than any coach I ever had. I am now preparing to play college ball and I owe it all to him.
Ben Jacobson – 1st Team All Conference, Ashley HS, Wilmington, NC.