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What CAMP PARTICIPANTS are saying….
My son attended the Advanced Skills camp this spring break. Your camp was exactly what he needed. It really built his basketball skills; his knowledge and respect of the game;and his confidence to go to the next level of basketball. He really enjoyed the camp!!
Peggy Desutelle
Great camp! My son has attended many basketball camps over the years, and I can’t ever remember him being as enthusiastic as he was for this one. He came home every night tired, with a smile on his face, and excited to go again the next day. “Coach Bill worked us hard, but made it fun at the same time. He really helped me take my game to the next level”.
Bob Sandler
My son really liked the experienced and helpful counselors. They helped him better understand game situations and what to do in them. He loved learning new skills and improving those he already knew This was the first basketball camp experience for us. We were impressed with how much our son learned and retained from just 5 days of this camp! We saw a big improvement with how he takes care of the ball and looks at the game. Most importantly, German had fun, loved going back day after day, and wants to do it again. Keep up the great coaching!!
Marcos Garcia
I was extremely impressed overall the entire week and I have participated in many sports camps over the years in Howard County. The organizational planning from the initial email to numerous follow ups kept all parents in the loop. All seemed to have fun and picked up very important lessons. Thanks for a wonderful basketball camp.
Mike Wellde
A big thanks to you and your team for introducing my son to the many skills required to continue his development. More importantly, thanks for showing him the level of intensity it will take for him to fully realize those skills. Although he was exhausted at the end of each day, he always had a positive story to share on the ride home. I think the big take away for him was the improved confidence with his opposite hand. He said that the instructors had the players use their off-hand quite a bit. Thanks again for a great experience.
Michael Mason
Just wanted you to know that my son and I both loved the Advanced Skills Camp. I really felt that he got some great instruction.
Gwen Chapel
My son learned a lot during his week at the Advanced Skills Camp. He is very excited to begin practicing and mastering these new skills. He said Coach Nap was the first one to ever explained to him the details of certain ball handling moves, as well as developing a variety of ways to finish around the basket.
Rob Mentle
My son really enjoyed the Advanced Skills Camp. He told me he got most benefit from the ball handling drills and feels his handle improved. Of course he always enjoyed the scrimmages. From his feedback we certainly will attend more of your camps.
Steve Isaac
I truly appreciate your support in offering your camp experiences and the additional, free workouts offerred throughout the year. Your dedication to our youth and the time you volunteer is commendable. Please keep us on your list of contacts and do let me know of other offerings that you have/recommend for additional group or individual work for my son.
Terri Savage